We are excited to welcome the newest class of interns to join our Overland family! Interns come to Overland from around the world for 6-12 months to learn the practice of architecture, exchange ideas, and share in one another’s culture. Here’s a quick glimpse into what these new Overlander’s have to offer.

Overland 2017 Interns

From left: Jose Lizcano, Italia Aguilera, Lance Brannock, Fay Stables, Nikhila Ramineedi

Italia Aguilera
University of San Antonio, Graduate

My name is Italia Aguilera and I was born in El Paso, TX. I love to hike and be outdoors running, biking, swimming in my free time. I was raised in a border city where I lived in Cd. Juarez, Mexico for eleven years before moving to the USA. Being exposed to different cultures taught me that traveling is the most enriching way to learn about the form and cultural influence in architecture. I later had the opportunity to live in Urbino, Italy, for four months, and recorded everything about my personal experiences in a country I called my own,  #ItaliaGoesToItalia.

Achiever / Learner / Includer / Input / Futuristic

Lance Brannock
Kansas State University, Graduate

Recently back from a semester abroad in Italy, I am living the nomadic lifestyle. I have gone from St. Louis, to Kansas City, and now to San Antonio. I am currently pursuing my Master of Architecture from Kansas State in the small town of Manhattan, Kansas. A love for sports, hip hop music, and film occupy my free time when I am not working or exploring the city.

Achiever / Responsibility / Context / Relator / Consistency

Overland 2017 Interns Overland 2017 Interns

Jose Lizcano
University of San Antonio, Graduate

Born in Cerro Azul, Veracruz Mexico, I learned to appreciate the day-to-day adventures we all have and to learn as much as I can from my surroundings and the people around me. I believe this is the reason I decided to study architecture. I enjoy eating and especially trying different types of food. I love being outdoors, climbing trees, and playing sports. I hope to be accepted into the architecture graduate program (Masters Arch 2) at UTSA this fall and begin my journey into becoming a licensed architect. I love ice cream and will do anything for it! I hope to soon be an asset to Overland Partners and learn as much as I can from the profession as well as the people during my short time here.

Nikhila Ramineedi
University of Colorado Denver, Graduate

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.— Mahatma Gandhi

The quote above describes Nikhila in one sentence. Her major strength “Learner.” She tends to find meaning from anything she comes across. Being an international student, she would like to exchange her global views with people at Overland. One important thing about Nikhila is that she is always amazed by history and historical methods. She would like to see how those methods still apply in today’s world. She is a classical vocal singer and learned Carnatic music back in India. She likes to explore places whenever possible. Currently, she is pursuing a Master of Urban Design from The University of Colorado, Denver.

Learner / Context / Belief / Contentedness / Input

Fay Stables
Robert Gordon University, Graduate

My name is Fay Stables. I am from Scotland and miss having a car. I went to Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen where I graduated in June 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in architecture and have returned here after my internship to complete my master’s of architecture. Whilst in America, I am most excited about traveling. After being here for 4 months, I have already been to Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and several places around Texas too. I also plan to travel more before going back to Scotland.

Restorative / Responsibility / Includer / Adaptability / Learner

Overland 2017 Interns

*At Overland, we use Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 to discover each Overlander’s unique strengths and capabilities to place them into position and on teams where they will be most likely to thrive.

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