How do we build, design and innovate in a changing climate? How can we reconcile our relationship with the natural world and form resilient, regenerative communities? These were just some of the questions sought out at Living Future 2014, the green building movement’s leadership summit.

Highlights from this year’s Living Future unConference:

gobox lunch

Reusable lunch containers! I got a token, then exchanged it for a delicious lunch box at one of the many food trucks. Afterwards the leftovers were composted; I returned the empty container; and got my token back. Next day, we did the same thing all over again. No waste!

Highlights of the trade show:

1.Sunbeamers: Lighting products that delivers full-spectrum sunlight to previously inaccessible areas in buildings through skylights and an array of mirrors that track the sun throughout the day.
2. SageGlass: Electronically tintable dynamic glass that improves the quality of daylight inside the space while preserving the views to the outside, reducing glare, and saving ~30% of energy loads.
3. Phasechange materials: Thermal energy storage products for buildings that reduce energy consumption.
phase change material
4. Knauf insulation: Insulating products made from natural materials which gives its brown color. Declare labels are available for all their products.
6. Coldspring: Earth measure from Coldspring replicates natural patterns that can be use as biophilic elements. Declare labels are available.


5. Louvershade: Shading system with limitless louver, fabric and control options for daylight harvesting, and glare control.
7. Rodda: First paint to disclose all its ingredients in a declare label.
rodda paint
8. Mohawk: Innovative carpet design, sustainability conscious with declare labels available.


9. Green wizard: Solution to identify, compare, evaluate, and model building products against their master specification and goals. Green Wizard allows to create an interactive product library to utilize and share product data and documentation, which is supplied and updated directly from manufacturers.


Highlights from Portland:

IMG_0388 (Medium)  IMG_0393 (Medium) IMG_0394Portland Street CarIMG820 (Medium) IMG814 (Medium) IMG849 (Medium)  IMG858 (Medium) IMG853 (Medium)


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