And so the saga of San Antonio and the Beanstalk continues. Friday, March 5th, marked the opening of the much-anticipated Storybook Houses, the spring exhibit hosted by the San Antonio Botanical Garden in partnership with AIA San Antonio. Read more about the project’s development here

We would also like to extend a special thanks to donors that made this project possible: Guido Brothers Construction, David Benjamin with BVMB Attorneys, Becky Burleson with Linbeck, Jeff Mackey with Endeavor Technologies, Gretta Tameling with SET Environmental, INC., Adam Ruckh with Procon Pacific, and Charles Gonzalez with Rosella Coffee.

While technically a small design-build project, the process of bringing the Beanstalk from design through construction was not unlike larger, more typical building projects. As an example, one challenge encountered was in the translation from design concept to construction of the Beanstalk itself. To bend the steel in two directions, as originally designed, would have required shipping the steel pipes to Chicago. And so project leads Lucas Mackey and Marcel Van der Maas had to quickly rework the concept just days before build day. Even though the pipe was curving in only one direction, they ultimately were able to figure out precisely how to cut and orient the pipes to achieve the organic twisting form that they were hoping for.

In the end, build day went quite smoothly, particularly with the help and expertise of project collaborators Guido Brothers Construction and an eager group of Overlanders there to lend a hand.

Here’s a peek at the fabrication and construction process:

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