"Gratitude helps you to grow and expand; gratitude brings joy and laughter into your life and into the lives of all those around you."
— Eileen Caddy

Cultivating a community that people want to be a part of plays a large part in our mission. This is reflected in the individuals who collectively comprise our community and ensure that the purpose remains as it continues to grow. We are excited to welcome new faces and introduce them to you! Passionate and talented individuals come to Overland from around the world to learn, exchange ideas, and share in one another’s culture. Here’s a quick introduction to our latest additions.

From left: Angelica Mata, Elise LaPaglia, Hannah Katz, Jennifer Green, Diego Gonzalez


Diego Gonzalez
Texas Tech University – Graduate
Architecture being my passion, I was looking not only for a firm, but for a place where people gathered to create spaces that focus on a better quality of life—a firm with character, defined by strong values and a unique culture. I can happily say that I found all those values here at Overland.

I am very excited to gain experience from people that have created and contributed to an incredible firm. Being in a creative environment that values culture, design, and art gives me the passion to learn and improve myself. I took a peek through the courtyard windows earlier this year (2017) before knowing I would be here!

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New to Our Studio

Hannah Katz
Sales Area Specialist
San Antonio has grown and changed so much in the years since I’ve been gone. I like that working at Overland exposes me to more of what the city has to offer such as new people, new communities, and a new environment. I’m really looking forward to having the opportunity to work with smart people doing smart things.

I love learning and gathering as much knowledge about something as I can. One of the best parts of being new at Overland is getting to learn about the architecture industry.

I have visited nearly 40 countries and will jump at any opportunity to explore a new place and culture. This past summer I hiked almost 600 miles on the Camino de Santiago from St.-Jean-Pied-de-Port, France, over the Pyrenees, completely across Spain, and on to the Atlantic coast at Finisterre, Spain. I collect rocks.

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Elise LaPaglia
I was attracted to Overland initially by the attention to detail and craft in the architecture but ultimately it was the people who made me want to come to work here every day. I am most excited by the energetic and supportive atmosphere at Overland. Long nights and deadlines are inevitable in the field of architecture but what makes the biggest difference is the attitude of the people around you. I am also excited that Overland puts careful thought into every design decision, resulting in well-crafted buildings which enhance their surroundings and the experience of the occupants.

Precise craft makes me tick – whether that’s in a drawing, a physical model, a piece of furniture, or a timepiece. I appreciate well-crafted objects because you really get a feel for the heart and soul of the designer and craftsperson.

I love animals… maybe more than humans.

Activator | Input | Individualization | Futuristic | Relator

From left: Diego Gonzalez, Hannah Katz, Elise LaPaglia, Angelica Mata, Jennifer Green

Jennifer Green
Human Resources Manager
I am a non-architecture graduate of Texas Tech University. I have 11 years of experience in the corporate world of Human Resources. With having my background in Human Resources, I was attracted to Overland by their core values. I am excited for the opportunity to learn about the architecture world and all the different cultures that are represented here at Overland. When I am not in the office, I am a wife and mom who likes to cook, coach sports, and go fishing. I really enjoy exploring new things and a good challenge. Random Fact: I LOVE red wines and trying new red and white wines.

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Angelica Mata
External Communications Coordinator
For the last few years, I’ve volunteered on the speaker selection committee for our local chapter of TEDx. I was lucky to be introduced to Overland through the organization in the fall of 2015 when James Andrews was partnered with me to craft his message. It was his drive and commitment to our mission that captivated my attention and had me wanting to learn more about the firm, it’s people, and practice. After a year of working on contract, I’m excited to have been invited to be a greater part of the community of people who share the same purpose. Being able to help elevate who they are and the stories they share is a treat I am proud to take charge of.

Beyond being intrigued by technology, I am very passionate about meeting new people and learning about things I didn’t already know. My appetite for curiosity is never satiated. That, coupled with my need to share what I learn, is probably why working in marketing is the best career path for me.

Random Fact: I really wanted to be a movie editor when I was little.

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    So glad to have so many awesome people joining us! Welcome welcome welcome!