Summer has proven to sprout a lot of growth for our community at Overland. We are excited to welcome a handful of new designers and two interns! Passionate and talented individuals come to Overland from around the world to learn, exchange ideas, and share in one another’s culture. Here’s a quick introduction to our latest additions.

Our Growing Community

From left: Sijie Dai, Jenn Peterson Ruiz, Dusan Savicevic, Abigail Cram, Aparajita Bhatt

New to Our Studio

Aparajita Bhatt
Urban Designer
A recent UT Austin graduate, I find myself aligned closely to the values that Overland’s work embodies, which is what most attracted me to the firm. I’m extremely excited about all the opportunities that Overland offers in terms of working at urban design as well as architectural scales right down to detailing. I’m motivated by ideas that employ design as a tool for sustainability and social equity. I love traveling to explore new places and cultures and like to think of myself as an amateur art appreciator.

Individualization / Connectedness / Strategic / Learner / Achiever

Sijie Dai
Architectural Designer
Originally from Nanjing, China, I came to the United States in 2009 and started my journey in architecture at Northeastern University. I interned at Overland during and after her undergraduate study. I then left for graduate school at the University of Michigan to earn my Masters? Architecture? degree. Upon receiving my degree, I decided to return to Overland, once again, joining the team of OK Pop Museum and Brighton Center. I was originally attracted to Overland by the people, culture, and diversity of projects, and am eager to begin my professional career here. Aside from architecture, I like cooking without recipes, listening to epic music, and getting lost in travel. I am excited to work with and learn from the team I am now a part of, and look forward to the peaceful life and heat in San Antonio.

Deliberative / Learner / Intellection / Individualization / Input

Abigail Cram
Architectural Designer
Overland had me at Embedded Potential. I am excited to join a team with such a capacity to learn and grow while simultaneously working on amazing projects. I am motivated when I gain a sense of fulfilled by what I do everyday which, for me, means working collaboratively with peers and clients while also entrenching myself in aspects of the community in which I live. I was once a runway model, for 24 hours, and I have the magazine photos to prove it. I was also a Division 1 squash player in college and have hiked the entire Wind River Range in Wyoming in less than 30 days.

Learner / Achiever / Woo / Input / Positivity

Our Growing Community

From left: Sijie Dai, Jenn Peterson Ruiz, Abigail Cram, Dusan Savicevic, Aparajita Bhatt


Jenn Peterson Ruiz
The University of Texas at San Antonio – Graduate
My name is Jenn. I graduated last year with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. I am in the process of applying to attend grad school next year. Overland’s range of work is very impressive and on top of that they definitely emphasize the differences within each project which is what really attracted me to the firm! I am most excited to be working with so many talented people that I can learn and grow with in these early stages of my career. What really makes me tick is when the hand towels in the bathroom aren’t aligned correctly. I really appreciate technique in all aspects of life and am proud to say that I have mastered the art of making risotto!

Learner / Individualization / Achiever / Restorative / Input

Dusan Savicevic
Northeastern University – Undergraduate
I first heard of Overland from a good friend that had worked here previously. He told me that the culture here was fun and inspiring, saying the people here did not view their jobs as a chore but as something they genuinely enjoyed. I was also intrigued by the idea of exploring a new state and city, as I have never been to Texas. I am excited about the opportunity to work on many projects in different teams in an environment where communication is key. A fun fact about me is that there are seven architects in my family, so I am with good company. I am looking forward to getting started!

Relator / Deliberative / Activator / Empathy / Individualization

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