Cultivating a community that people want to be a part of plays a large part in our mission. This is reflected in the individuals who collectively comprise our community and ensure that the purpose remains as it continues to grow. We are excited to welcome new faces and introduce them to you! Passionate and talented individuals come to Overland from around the world to learn, exchange ideas, and share in one another’s culture. Here’s a quick introduction to our latest additions.


Ian Amen
The University of Texas at Austin – Undergraduate
Overland has influenced my architectural education since the inception of my passion; however, initially, it is what Overland does that has continued to inspire me. “What Overland does” generally but intentionally is impact communities and individuals alike across countries and demographics, all the while playing an integral part in their own community being San Antonio. To me, this talks about knowing your roots and foundation, being firmly planted, while reaching out to fully realize invisible potential. Ultimately, it is Overland’s humility in their excellence and their rootedness in people and community that attracted me most.

What has and continues to excite me the most working at Overland is the diversity of projects they have graciously allowed me to work on, being patient with me all the while; as well as, the diversity of relationships and friendships I’m gaining.

Since Middle school, I have been encouraged and blessed by many mentors and friends alike as I began to pursue architecture. What continues to make me tick are the ever-changing qualities of architecture – in other words, we are all constantly learning and adapting with solutions that will continue to be better and better.

Before architecture, I played piano for 8 years and was going to pursue Julliard. Although this isn’t what I ended up doing, I believe that what I learned in those 8 years continues to influence my architecture.

Learner | Achiever | Responsibility | Focus | Connectedness

Emma Elzinga
Wheaton College – Undergraduate
One of the most attractive factors of Overland is their mission to influence the world through excellence and responsibility in design. As a graphic designer, Overland’s commitment to this vision inspires me to find ways to invest in positive social and environmental impact through my own work.

I am excited to work in a community of incredibly talented architects and designers who are passionate about using their talents to make a difference in the world.

I love problem-solving through design, crafting creative solutions to translate effective communication into beautiful visuals.

I’ve been traveling ever since I was a baby, and my family likes to joke that I had been on over 60 flights by the time I was 6 months old! I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to travel throughout North and South America, Europe, and Asia, including spending 3 months in India. After graduating college I hope to pursue a masters in graphic design and to spend some time living overseas.

Input | Strategic | Empathy | Futuristic | Intellection

From left: Raheel Ahmad, Colleen Baker, Alisha Burkman, Carol Yauger, Ian Amen, Brody Cornwell, Emma Elzinga

New to Our Studio

Carol Yauger
Administrative Assistant/Event Planner
What attracted me to Overland was the quality people that work here and the overall company culture, especially when I read Overland’s mission statement and core values in particular, “People before projects”.  That statement in and of itself shows the true heart of this company, people.

I am really excited to work with a company that is not only focused on building great structures and architecture but also striving to make a tangible difference in the local community as well as the world at large.

I love people.  Growing up as an only child and being very social, was at times lonely.  Fortunately, I had a lot of cousins so I spent most of my summers visiting family. I am most fulfilled when I am helping and serving others.

Responsibility | Consistency | Discipline | Achiever | Belief

Alisha Burkman
Architectural Designer, LEED GA
Overland exemplifies how diverse and rewarding working in the architectural field can be. I can wear different hats each day, from art curator to activist, designer to student, researcher to volunteer. That freedom and support to explore issues, whether directly or indirectly related to architecture, is what makes me tick and what provides daily fulfillment here. Each Pheasant is characterized by unique talents and passions that contribute to the enriching culture of the firm. As I continue to settle in, I am most excited about working with the Overland Art Program to exhibit local artists, learning from the strong female leaders at the firm, and having the design opportunity to enhance downtown San Antonio.

Fun Fact: My passion for architecture is rivaled only by my admiration of industrial design and screen-printing. I dream of building a studio in the countryside one day to pursue both. And maybe raise a few sheep while I’m at it.

Restorative | Relator | Achiever | Developer | Strategic

Raheel Ahmad
Architectural Designer
I was attracted to Overland’s quality & sensitivity of design to projects and their client-oriented approach. This coupled with awesome and sensitive human beings as colleagues. The office space is beautiful and one can sense positive energy all around.

I look forward to the possibilities of taking Overland globally!!!

I really value good design and the process to achieve it.

Fun fact: I was lucky to contribute as a musician, singer, and songwriter on Coca Cola’s Global campaign for their celebration of the 100th year of the Coke bottle contour. I am super proud about the affiliation with the brand and the fact that my song was featured in their Global Campaign.

Ideation | Achiever | Command | Woo | Communication

Brody Cornwell
Architectural Designer, LEED AP BD+C
I am eager to learn. It was important to me to find a firm in which the design process and culture would allow me to do that well. As I look out at what lies ahead in my life, this sea of architecture before me, I know I need to set a good course. I trust Overland is a place that will allow me to find and guide me in that course. Overland’s operation and values go against the grain of a typical competitive, growing firm. It is important to me that I work in a place that values relationships more than the work.

I love the people here. In my future in architecture, I already know the relationships I form here will be the foundation for what I do in my career.

I’m a junkie for new experiences. Travel, meeting interesting people, extreme sports – all the forms. A couple good ones have come with my move to Texas, including embracing a new, urban lifestyle: selling my car, living in a 250 SF apartment, and learning how to order groceries online.

Random fact: I used to breed Beagles and sell the pups for gas money.

Achiever | Learner | Relator | Self-Assurance | Adaptability

Colleen Baker
Creative Content Contractor
I’ve never been in a workplace that makes such a conscious, deliberate effort to cultivate creativity and diversity. The office is a living, evolving entity. The physical building breathes just as much life as the people who work inside it.

I am most excited at working at Overland because of the forward-thinking mentality. It is amazing to work at a company that doesn’t just think about the ‘here and now.’ So many other companies pressure their employees to work so quickly that the goal is to hurry and produce for the sake of getting something produced. However, in that model, quality suffers and employees feel like they are just “going through the motions.” Overland is not like that. Everyone from the architects to the marketing team knows the importance of taking the time to think years into the future and ask questions. In this model, innovation is created. In this model, people and ideas thrive. In this model, people not only have a sense of hope for a better future, they actively feel like they are helping to build it.

Curiosity and creativity are the two guiding factors in my life. I try to look at everything through those two lenses.

Fun facts: I enjoy yoga and baking macarons. I’ve been to the Grammy’s three times.

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