Launched in 2015 to celebrate and steward art within our community, the Overland Art Program seeks to promote both established and emerging artists, inspire the design process, and encourage creative thinking. As part of this program, Overland hosts a series of rotating art exhibits throughout the year.

Touring the studio of artist Rex Hausmann is a bit like peering into a giant kaleidoscope. More laboratory than atelier, Rex incorporates ancient history, pop culture, media experimentation and his own personal experiences into a constantly rotating orbit of expression. Armed with sketchbooks, canvas, paint and found objects he explores and reframes a full gamut of visual precedents—comic books, graphic novels, manga, action figures, classical sculpture, architectural icons, bold color, and graphic symbolism reassembled to impart meaning into anything and everything that crosses his daily path.

Rex Hausmann Studio Visit

Rex Hausmann Studio Visit

Rex seems to reject any specific set of rules regarding final product, appearing to be more interested in developing a personal language. His work is a giant working journal of his life. Talking “art” with Rex is a verbal ping pong game, bouncing back and forth in a lively sharing of ideas and personal memories combined with an inquisitive hunger for historical connections. Seeing just a small sampling of his vast collection and hearing him describe it is like taking a field trip through the entire universe accompanied by a tourist who carries no luggage, with no agenda except to experience life at full tilt, always open to a detour. In an age of art celebrities and inflated egos it’s surprisingly, delightfully refreshing. Rex’s commitment to an artful life grounds the work, providing a seriousness of intention even when a piece ventures into the experimental and uncharted terrain of two and three-dimensional possibilities.

Inseparable from his surroundings and his love for his family and friends, Rex has an inexhaustible energy with no visible creative inhibitions. His enthusiasm is contagious. The studio visitor leaves feeling inspired to drop one’s self-conscious judgment at the door and plunge head first into life as an adventure, with the innocence of a child at play, unconcerned with the judgment of others and committed to finding joy in the journey.

Rex Hausmann’s collection has been on exhibit at the Overland offices as a part of the Overland Art Program since November 2016.

Experience a day of the Overland Art Program with Rex Hausmann Today, Thursday, February 2, 2017. Updates will share an inside peek during the artist lecture and reception. Follow along on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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