With Luminaria 2015 less than a week away, Overland has been putting the finishing touches on our own lighting installation. Our office is sited directly within the footprint of this year’s event – along Jones Avenue between the San Antonio Museum of Art and Maverick Park – so participation in Luminaria 2015 carries with it particular meaning.

Overland’s Luminaria team, led by designer Garrett Jones, considered multiple proposals for various sites along the event path. Ultimately, because it’s a space we live in every day and felt we could bring something special to, the team opted for an installation located within the courtyard shared by our office and Rosella Coffee.

As with any design, the process has been one of iteration and evolution. The initial concept proposed a spectrum of light running along the glass curtain wall within the courtyard, created by a combination of colored gels and dichroic glass – a type of glass which displays two different colors of light by transmitting some wavelengths of light and reflecting others.

Luminaria Proposal_Overland Partners_Hughes Warehouse Courtyard_Page_4

Luminaria Proposal_Overland Partners_Hughes Warehouse Courtyard_Page_6

Experiments began five weeks ago, exploring the relationship between color, light, and space. The team quickly discovered the gels did not allow for a controlled use of color, and the dichroic glass was cost prohibitive.

But with every challenge comes opportunity.

Informed by the findings from the previous experiments with dichroic glass, the team began exploring the effects of multiple colored light sources and scrim, essentially “painting with light.” The concept became more spatial as scrim was hung in layers within the office, and the team looked to the use of movement and shadow within the installation.

Ultimately the goal of the installation is to illuminate the impact that public space has on our lives by transforming an “ordinary,” commonly occupied space into an extraordinary experience.

Click here to view the final installation.


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