The tragic death of one of our most talented architects occurred today around 4:00 p.m. when Fernando Ortega slipped, fell, and was quickly eaten by a Space Invader. Fernando was often found spilling M&Ms on teammates’ desks to inspire them to be as amazingly cool as he is. Always rocking to his favorite tunes and throwing the word “dude” around made him the envy of all those who knew him. Let’s hope that in Atari heaven he is able to fulfill his lifelong goal of being a Rock Star!

Fernando left behind his dear, trusted, and dedicated FA, “Fernando Assistant,” to whom he left his entire music collection, worth 14.5 million dollars. The FA stated that there would be a museum built to house the extraordinary collection built in the “Uber Dutch” style, with one color-spectrum-changing LED light mounted to the facade for every song in the collection–approximately 62 million.

We will miss him.

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