Our good friends over at River City Industries invited us over to see their new shop that houses their amazing pipe & tube steel laser cutter. This machine can take bundle loads of pipe or tube and process them into complex shapes and cut-outs with a single operator.



The only limitation that this machine has – is your imagination; it truly can cut anything out of any shape of steel tube or pipe that you can dream up. To demonstrate this to us, River City pressed the “play” button on the machine while we were standing there. Before our eyes, and in less than 4 minutes, 6 highly intricate steel parts dropped out of the feed tray of the machine – like we had just put 2 quarters in a candy machine, spun the dial, and placed our hands at the dispenser! These treats come out a little hotter than your average gum drops – so I do not recommend placing your hands down in the feed tray. Chris Jones, one of the family owners and operators of River City, reached down, snapped the 6 parts together in some origami puzzle hand holding method, and voila, he handed over a perfect steel sphere.



River City’s new laser is going to open up a whole new realm of design possibilities for us & we are looking forward to utilizing it as soon as possible. The front gates at Hughes Warehouse, the Rood Screen at Holy Spirit, and most recently our award winning Gourd project, are among the projects that River City has helped Overland build. Hopefully this machine will help add to these wonderful projects.

A big thanks to River City Industries & Chris Jones for being a part of the greater Overland community!

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