Living into our mission, we participate in various opportunities that allow us to invest in our community. Katy Macy, president of the Kansas State University Chapter of Women in Design, and fourth year Interior Architecture and Product Design student, shared a few notes on the chapter’s recent lecture on Portfolio and Branding Tips, lead by Overland Designer Tamra Collins.

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On October 20, 2017 the Kansas State chapter of Women in Design had the opportunity to welcome alumna, Tamra Collins, over video conference to discuss portfolio and branding tips. This lunch and learn had a great turn out with around 40 members in attendance. Tamra had an excellent presentation and went into detail on dos and don’ts when producing our portfolios and presenting ourselves in a job interview. Tamra also invited members to reach out to her to go over their individual portfolios and resumes. I took her up on the offer and we had a great meeting where we discussed my work and I gained a new perspective regarding how I could present some of my projects. Overall, it was a wonderful meeting and we look forward to holding more events with Tamra and other Overland team members at K-State in the future!

"I really enjoy giving insight to young designers who are starting to think about their professional career. It is hard to know what to expect once you are out of school and providing information to demystify the profession can allow them to make more strategic and intentional decisions for their future. I especially find it important to represent young women in the industry and empower groups like Women in Design."
— Tamra Collins

To learn more about the Women in Design KSU Chapter, visit their Instagram account @wdksu. For more from the WID community, follow the hashtag #womenindesign on all social media channels.

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