On April 1, 1987, four college friends embarked on the great adventure of Overland Partners. We believed we had something to offer through our profession and that we could support our families if we worked hard and did excellent work. Each approached the world from a distinct perspective and often were told, “It’s amazing that such different people can be partners.” But we shared fundamental beliefs which held us together. Thirty years later, it’s evident that our DNA has not changed—common core values combined with diversity of experience and outlook. Although Overland looks very different than it did at its foundation, our DNA  remains unaltered to this day.

The truth is, what Overland has become is far greater than we ever expected. Our values led to our mission of “unlocking embedded potential by modeling how we should live and influencing the world through the practice of architecture.” And for thirty years we’ve been trying to unlock potential, starting with ourselves. We’ve attempted to live out our values honestly and transparently and to invite others to join us on that journey. We’ve tried (and often failed) to be the kind of community we all want to be part of. And we’ve unlocked embedded potential for hundreds of clients around the globe. We’ve brought their wisdom to center stage, creating physical transformations that have led to human ones. What a privilege to extend our influence by advancing the mission of our clients.

I am filled with gratitude for the opportunities we’ve had, the relationships we’ve nurtured, and the work we’ve done over these three decades.

But anniversaries are meaningless if they are simply retrospective. Today we have the best team, work with the best consultants, and engage with the best clients we’ve ever had at Overland. We are better equipped to meet the world’s most pressing needs. We are more unified in our vision. We are clearer on what we do well and what others do better. We stand on the shoulders of everyone who has ever worked here and of our consultants and clients as well. We are truly blessed.

As I look ahead I believe this year will be seen more as a new beginning than as an historical event. We will look back on this time and realize that the first thirty years were really the predicate—the foundation—of what we are becoming. There is still so much potential to be uncovered around the world, so many friendships to build, so many places to be impacted, and so many lives to be transformed, beginning with our own.

Happy Anniversary, Overland! Here’s to the next thirty years.

Rick Archer, FAIA, CEO

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