As a precursor to this season’s final episode, featured guests Rick Archer, CEO and Founding Principal at Overland, along with Joel Albea, Associate Principal, join Building Impact co-hosts Angelica Mata and Sydney Aschbacher to share thoughts in reflection about the full season and its focus of the Human Handprint.

About Building Impact

Building Impact is a bi-monthly podcast hosted out of the offices of Overland Partners, an architecture and design firm located in San Antonio, Texas. Our podcast brings together diverse talents to discuss modeling how we should live and influencing the world. Led by hosts Angelica Mata and Sydney Aschbacher, these conversations capture the stories cultivated from the firm’s unique approach to designing, building relationships, and fostering a community of people who aim to make a difference in the world.

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Our theme music for this podcast is titled Puzzle Pieces by Lee Rosevere.

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Episode 13: Building Impact—A Season 1 Reflection

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