Cultivating a community that people want to be a part of plays a large part in our mission. This is reflected in the individuals who collectively comprise our community and ensure that the purpose remains as it continues to grow. We are excited to welcome new faces and introduce them to you! Passionate and talented individuals come to Overland from around the world to learn, exchange ideas, and share in one another’s culture. Here’s a quick introduction to our latest additions.

From left: Courtney Sigloh, Andy Liu, Brad Schaefer, Matthew Skinner, Anagisel Ramos, Ramiro Guardiola, Aiza Paulson, Yuxiang Wang


Anagisel Ramos
The University of Texas at San Antonio – Graduate
I was always encouraged by the idea of interning at a successful firm where I could explore my interests in architecture and where I could comfortably socialize with other people. Overland continuously attracted me in that aspect. It was the firm’s core values that really resonated with my personality and my belief systems. Once I had the opportunity to meet several members of the Overland family, their friendly and humble personalities confirmed to me that this was firm for me.

Now that I am part of this wonderful organization, I feel honored to be able to work with professionals with all kinds of experiences and backgrounds. I feel excited to see what my journey will be here at Overland.

I would describe myself as outgoing and interested in trying new things that will benefit my life. Outside of architecture I feel passionate about family, competitive swimming, and singing. Recently, I have also acquired an interest in traveling and getting to know different cultures from all over the world.

Fun fact: I am really good at crocheting, during winter time I make my own scarfs and beanies.

Individualization | Achiever | Learner | Communication | Ideation

Courtney Sigloh
The University of Virginia – Graduate
During my first introduction to Overland, I was immediately captured by the firm’s Core Values. I deeply resonated with aspirations to create a work environment where values are challenged to reach beyond ones found in typical, high-achieving corporations. Joy, servant leadership and relationships are not often found leading professional work environments. It was an exciting community to hope to be a part of.

I am looking forward to being a part of a community that holds the values I was originally attracted to. I am also, expectantly, ready to be shaped by this awesome community.

I enjoy schedules, lists, calendars, journals….basically anything that helps me schedule my days, weeks, months, sometimes moments. I like to be organized and know what is going on. I am the type of person that has to schedule a few hours of spontaneity in order to let it happen.

I am a renaissance woman. I have a variety of interests from active and adventurous to creative and academic. I am constantly seeking to learn through doing. I guess I take after my Alma Mater’s founder, Thomas Jefferson, in that respect.

Strategic | Learner | Responsibility | Command | Achiever

From left: Andy Liu, Brad Schaefer, Courtney Sigloh, Matthew Skinner, Anagisel Ramos, Ramiro Guardiola, Aiza Paulson, Yuxiang Wang

New to Our Studio

Yuxiang Wang
Architectural Designer
The diversity of Overland attracted me deeply, especially the way they approached. As I look back I realize it’s important to combine the academic knowledge and real practice. I got the precious chance to achieve my goal here.

Everyone here is so friendly. The learning atmosphere motivated me passionate every day. I am looking forward to working with different people.

Fun fact: I have two cats now. They love to watch me playing video games.

Learner | Individualization | Achiever | Intellection | Input

Andy Liu
Architectural Designer
I am attracted by the opportunities of exploring the future of architecture at Overland as I love imaging people’s future lives and love turning my imagination into reality by designing architecture.

Overland is not only a design firm but also a big family. I feel so lucky that I can be one member of the family and excited to work in this diverse, passionate, caring, and brilliant group.

Sport is a regular part of my day. It helps refreshing myself and is my secret of being creative. I used to swim during lunch break and lost 22 pounds in a month. Now jogging along the Riverwalk is my favorite activity!

Learner | Analytical | Arranger | Discipline | Significance

Matthew Skinner
What initially drew me to Overland was the quality and thoughtfulness of the design work here as well as the firm’s commitment to relationships and their serious approach to being stewards of our world. After meeting the people, I was drawn to how warm and welcoming the presence of the firm was. I felt as though I could easily make a new home here.

I look forward to getting to know my fellow co-workers better and being part of an energetic, dedicated design team!

I have an active mind that yearns to create. I love formulating ideas, inventing stories, problem-solving, and making beautiful things.

Whenever the opportunity affords, I enjoy drawing, painting, and doing other miscellaneous crafty projects. I completed a few murals in Texas and in St. Louis while I lived there. My wife and I moved back to Texas two weeks ago and it feels good to be home.

Achiever | Connectedness | Maximizer | Belief | Strategic

Brad Schaefer
Architectural Designer
What most attracted me to work at Overland was the people and the culture of the firm. I had interned at Overland previously, and the relationships I had made there inspired me to return.

I am most excited about continuing to grow relationships, my personal growth and my growth as a designer.

Music makes me tick.

I have a slight obsession with lava lamps.
Restorative | Relator | Learner | Achiever | Developer

Aiza Paulson
I was attracted to the types of projects and the way Overland approaches them. I like that the people are first.

I was most excited about working at Overland because I am quite intrigued by the unlocking of “embedded potential”. I just had to learn more. I am always looking for ways to improve myself, my abilities, and contributions to the world around me.

Curiosity and adventure inspire me.

My husband and I built a 144-square foot cabin in the woods in Alaska and we lived without running water or electricity all while commuting to Anchorage, AK for work for several years. We also lived in a little cabin cruiser in Southeast Alaska for a few years too.

Harmony | Adaptability | Developer | Empathy | Achiever

Ramiro Guardiola
Overland’s portfolio is what initially attracted me to the firm. When I first studied in San Antonio year ago, I was exposed to the work of Overland and it had been a desire of mine to be a part of the team building these projects. Now that I find myself in this beautiful city again, I am grateful to have an opportunity to give back to the community through Overland.

I’m most looking forward to being exposed to the breadth of projects that Overland works on. I have years of experience in smaller scale hospitality projects and fabrication and am excited to develop my skills at a larger scale.

What really gets me going is finding a solid spot to eat at. Sometimes, you have to eat at a bunch of trash restaurants to find the gems, but when you do find them, they’re so worth it.

Random fact about myself: I used to be a long-haul truck driver carrying mostly refrigerated products from Texas to the southeastern states. I grew up around 18 wheelers and learned how to drive them and fix them since I was in junior high and during college, I would drive during summer breaks.

Context | Ideation | Intellection | Relator | Achiever

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