Architects can play sports. Architects can also be coordinated and competitive. Thus, the first Overland soccer team was made, Brood F.C.

A brood is a large group of pheasants. We flock and fly together…and also play a mean defense.

After the first soccer game, and first time playing together, Brood F.C. proved to be solid and excited to compete. We ended the season with a 4-2 record putting us in the the playoff tournament. We even managed to get one of our resident veteran soccer all-stars, Jim Shelton, to come join us on the field. After a first round playoff win, we then had a tough game in the semi-finals. We managed to score the first goal, though the other team later tied it up and we headed into penalty kicks to settle the score. In the end we did not come away victorious but were elated to have made it so far for our first season together.  We had a blast competing together and are looking forward to playing again soon.


Lindo, our fearless goalie


On the attack

Intensity rises with each penalty kick

Intensity rises with each penalty kick

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