Over the last three months, as part of the new Art Program, Overland has served as the temporary home to multiple paintings by renowned abstract expressionists Reginald Rowe and Jan Tips Rowe. Jan Tips Rowe paid a visit to the Overland office, providing unique and personal insights into the process and history behind her and her late husband’s works.

Rowe 2_Photo_sml

These paintings are not realistic representations of an object or space, but a very personal abstract expression of one’s feelings, senses, experiences, and memories at a certain time in life. While one can easily look at these paintings and understand them as a collection of carefully composed colors and shapes placed on the canvas, it was enlightening to hear personally from the creator the embedded experience or inspiration for each piece as they were being developed.

Rowe 1_Photo_2

Many of the paintings were first sketched on paper prior to the first splatter of paint hitting canvas. Jan’s works often revolved around spatial experiences and aerial perspectives of places she has lived in or visited throughout her life, while many of Reginald’s were influenced by his fascination with aircrafts and bold color pairings. Jan’s wealth of experience as an educator made for a very edifying and conversational tour of the work, allowing us to study and delight in this the body of work.

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