The Overland VR Experience

For the past twenty years, I have witnessed Overland embrace the evolution of technology and push the boundaries of our design capabilities by adopting the best tools we can get our hands on. These support our talented designers and architects, and continue advancing our design excellence standards. Recent integration of the latest virtual reality technology into our design process is revolutionizing (once again) the way we design and collaborate with each other and our clients. Looking back, it’s remarkable to see how far we have come.

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The Significance of Storytelling in Architecture

Story shapes humanity. It should also shape architecture. To characterize Overland’s practice by the standard definition of architecture—the art or science of designing and creating buildings—is to miss a critical aspect of our work. Our projects are the result of many hours of research and analysis that happen long before pen touches trace paper. Using a process of inspired inquiry, we uncover the story behind each client and project and tell it through the medium of architecture. This has never been clearer to me than while on a trip to Israel this summer.

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I recently attended and presented at the “Global Asia: Critical Aesthetics, Alternative Globalities” conference hosted by Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. The symposium brought together scholars from around the world to discuss the idea of Global Asia through the lenses of literature, film, art, and architecture. I was humbled by the rigor and intellect of my fellow presenters, and among the many engaging lectures, learned what Singaporean noir fiction and documentaries have to say about how Asia is changing in the twenty-first century.

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GEORGE NAKASHIMA: Beneath the Surface

A recent visit to Pennsylvania took me to the studio and workshop of famed woodworker George Nakashima. Crossing disciplines between architecture and woodworking, he is considered one of the most influential furniture designers of the 20th century, bringing together his Japanese heritage with American and international style design to become a father of the American craft movement. Nakashima’s unparalleled ability to know his subject matter and decipher the best use of each part of a tree propelled him to create some of the most beautiful furniture in the world in his workshop in New Hope, Pennsylvania. His finely honed craft and depth of inquiry were essential for each piece of furniture.

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1_Davis Mountains_Road Trip

West Texas Therapy

Living a “well-balanced life” is something we all strive for but rarely achieve without some planning and determination. For me, it comes with a little bit of guilt—intentionally neglecting household duties, stacks of paperwork and social obligations to carve out some time with my husband to relax. Recently we set out on a road trip across west Texas, with no specific plan but to change the scenery and slow down our city-driven pace.

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Community garden render_export (Custom)

San Antonio and the Beanstalk: Part 3

From the beginning of the project, one important quality of the beanstalk was its sustainability. After its time at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens, we wanted to give the project a second life where it could continue to inspire and be useful.

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Stimulating creativity and providing health benefits, art in architecture is rapidly gaining recognition as a valuable component to successful design. With this in mind, the integration of art became an intrinsic part of Overland’s design for the new home office of Grande Cheese Company in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. At the grand opening on July 9, 2016, the project was dedicated to the company’s associates past, present, and future. Art is so integral to the project that, without it, the vision of John Candela (Chairman) and Wayne Matzke (President and CEO)—to create “an organic, serendipitous workplace” that speaks to his high regard for Grande’s employees—would not have been fully realized. The art adds aesthetic value, promotes wellness, and reinforces the company’s principles, history, and future ambitions. As one Grande associate observed, “It brings life to the building and the associates.”

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Why Holacracy works for us

Holacratic Corporate structures are all the rage among new companies and young start ups, but what happens when you take that organizational structure to a large corporation?

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